I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Bill Nelson, and I’m passionate about conversations that inspire people to shift the way they think and make new choices to live a more positive-focused life that creates a hopeful future, even amid hardship and struggle, perhaps especially in hardship and struggle.

I wrote a book titled, Firm Grip, that I hope will start important conversations that help us see life through new eyes and new perspectives, maybe even a renewed faith. That happens best in community with others. Together is the only way we can thrive in this beautiful, messy experience called life. I need you and we all need each other. So, wherever you find me––this website, social media, my book, a podcast, or in real life, I hope you see a long, wide table where there is a place for everyone, including you.

While you’re here, look around. The menu bar will guide you to pages to learn more about me and my journey, my writings, and my book. But maybe the most important place here is the Connect page because I’d love to hear from you. So, please reach out. Let’s discover how we can help each other take our next step into the life we were created to live and a better way of being human.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m grateful you did. And remember, you always have a seat at this table. You are welcome here!