Firm Grip

Learning To Thrive When Life
Doesn’t Go As Planned

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your grip on life? Have setbacks shifted you off course from the life you planned? Do the scars of your past stir fear of a future that looks no better than your present? At some point, we all feel this way. It’s inevitable, because life is hard. But is this our final destiny? Is there a way forward––beyond our negative thoughts?

What if we could thrive, despite pain and fear, and even in the face of an uncertain future?

Raw and vulnerable, Bill Nelson takes you into his journey with a rare, incurable cancer. He reveals what he discovered about living after realizing he wasn’t dying, at least not yet. Discover how he shifted his thoughts and made new choices to create his life, not watch it happen. In FIRM GRIP, Bill offers practical wisdom to help you choose to create a new, hopeful life, even in the midst of adversity. This book will help you:

  • Understand the power of your thoughts.
  • Recognize the life-creating capacity of your choices.
  • Trust in God’s firm grip on your life.
  • Live with more confidence in the aspects of life that matter most.
  • Become awake and aware to what’s happening in and around you.

No matter how off-track life feels, you can find hope again. The firm-grip life is a path to face your challenges, thrive in an imperfect life, and find peace you never thought possible. A motivational and inspiring read, this book is an invitation to find a better grip on your life. Are you ready?